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Whom so ever it may concern, this is to inform you that earlier DAZZLE ENGINEERS were branding there Pet Products with the name of OSKAR but now they are branding it with the name of DAZZLE Pet Products. Owner of DAZZLE ENGINEERS, Address & Staff is same as earlier.

Bowls with Stand

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Product Code: DEDB-L1

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When you make a trip to your local pet shop to buy a new bowl, it can be quite daunting looking at all those different styles and dish shapes. The colors, the materials, the size and the depth. Which one for water? Which one for food? Some pets will think of nothing else but eating up their breakfast or supper whilst others might not enjoy their surroundings or feel a little threatened. The bowl position or even the material of it can cause your pets some discomfort. Here are a few facts that might benefit your pets eating habits and help you with a decision in bowl selecting.

Make sure you choose the correct size bowl for your dog; small puppies are likely to trip over or step in a huge bowl. DAZZLE bowls are designed to stop dogs rushing their food. The food disperses around the three raised peaks, slowing down the rate at which the dog can eat. The benefits from using this popular choice are:

  • Helps to prevent bloating and flatulence
  • Encourages dogs to chew their food properly, to aid better digestion and cleaner teeth
  • Helps prevent problems associated with bolting – Choking, vomiting, gastric torsion (bloat)

Designed for maximum stability, perfect for dogs that like to push their food around, and it’s made from Stainless Steel, which is dishwasher safe. The bowl is available in 2 different sizes – bowls should be bought slightly larger than usual as the peaks take up space and leave less room for food. The benefits of feeding from a raised bowl are:

  • Single bowl with stand or ‘feeding stations’ have benefits for all ages, sizes and breeds of dog, not just the large breeds. They are available in various sizes.
  • Eating and drinking from bowls placed at an appropriate height will aid digestion.
  • Raised feeders minimize the amount of air dogs swallow while gulping and chewing food
  • Help prevent vomiting and choking and reduce the likelihood your dog will suffer from bloat
  • Not having to lean, bend or stretch for food and water contributes to good posture and puts less strain on the dog’s neck, joints and hips, making the dog more comfortable
  • Insects, rodents, dust and dirt are also less likely to reach food and water raised off the floor

A raised bowl allows the spine to stay more aligned, relieving pain and stiffness. Older dogs are prone to eat less, and they may eat less still if it is painful to do so. Raised bowls will make older dogs more comfortable and more likely to eat a sufficient amount. Starting a young dog with a proper diet from raised bowls can help prevent joint problems. To measure the dog for the correct height when feeding from a raised bowl, measure the height from the shoulder to the floor when standing up and subtract 6 inches. For a particularly small dog, then only subtract 4 inches. Position the bowls to this height.



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• DAZZLE has evolved over the past three decades. Each of the last ten years has been marked by milestones in product development, technological enhancement and growing national and international customer base. Over the past three decades we have invested enormously in factory and upgraded our manufacturing facilities and quality control department with state of the art machinery and equipment. We are leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Pet Products. Our product range consists of all types of Feeding Bowls and Stands. DAZZLE Pet Products are used all over India and we have enormous satisfied Indian consumers.

• Our aim is to utilize our global innovation and design skills plus the knowledge of our markets, customers and their business needs, to create true added value and benefit for the customers. Our Strategy is simple winning business by offering the Customer greater value for their investment. To achieve this goal, we focus on understanding our customers and we help them become more productive. We believe in building trust and confidence of suppliers and buyers on both sides playing pivotal role between them to match each others business goals and mutual prosperity.

• DAZZLE mission is clear for trustworthy trade partnership for sustained growth together both of our reputed associate manufacturer suppliers and global importers, customers and end users. Performance, value for money and proximity to customers are characteristics of DAZZLE. Dazzle’s customers ever increasing quality expectations encourages us to maintain extremely high level of quality and preciseness. We continuously strive to meet with our customers, very high expectations and this is the main motivator behind all of what we do. We not only just meet with customer’s expectations but surpass them too. Our dedication and commitment to maintain very high quality standard has earned us over large numbers of success. Our brand that carries a responsibility & commitment, which we are determined to uphold. Behind this commitment we have a dedicated team of professionals that seamlessly integrate our well- proven systems and operational processes to deliver quality products, at a competitive price, on time. The DAZZLE team is based on the hard work of our engineers, manufacturing technicians, production and accounting professionals, all performing in harmony to serve our customers at every stage. From the sourcing of the best raw materials – to production – to dispatch to the end user to after sale service and support. Our continuing Endeavor to provide winning growth engine to our customers has always drawn inspiration from world’s best manufacturers. Our engineers who passionately hunt for the best makes us stand different in the crowd.